Safety and Support Services

Safety and Support Services

If you have concerns regarding the safety of our students or staff please click the button below to report the issue to our School Safety and Support Team.  


Safety and Support Form


Our Safety and Support Team is made up of the following staff members.

  • John Fritzky Superintendent and Law Enforcement Liason
  • Beth Kreher - District Social Worker
  • Katie Winkelman BLES School Counselor
  • Pete Morris - BLES Principal
  • Barbara Scholl BLES Nurse
  • Mike Kulesa - BLES PE Teacher
  • Linda Vasquez - BLES PE Teacher
  • Katie Porter - District Vice Principal
  • Jon Cady - BIS PE Teacher
  • Michelle Mangels BIS PE Teacher
  • Tim McCorkle - BIS Principal
  • Jill Rafferty - BIS Nurse
  • Jill Wolak - BIS School Counselor
  • Carrie Gilbert - District LDTC